The studio is a purpose-built space for members and students exploring clay as a medium of art expression and design. We run a gym-like membership model for use of the studio facilities at your own convenience. Membership includes firing services and use of free LF clear glaze.

Yadawei Ceramics Studio

A dedicated studio for pottery and ceramics in Dubai, UAE.

The studio is a purpose-built space for members and students exploring clay as a medium of art expression and design. We run a gym-like membership model for use of the studio facilities at your own convenience. Membership includes firing services and use of free LF clear glaze.

You can contact us if you want to know more about the studio!

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Mercedes GargalloMercedes Gargallo
03:07 26 Apr 23
Welcoming pottery studio. We attended the family session on the weekend and was a very pleasant event. Teacher was very helpful and all of us managed to create our own mugs. We will come back to glaze them. :)
Upasana KapoorUpasana Kapoor
08:18 26 Mar 23
I just adore this pottery studio. I have been going to Yadawei for almost 3 years now and I simply love it there. The staff is so helpful and supportive and my teacher Rebecca is the best teacher ever 💕I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get their creativity out.
12:36 19 Mar 23
God forbid you have an emergency, they will not be flexible and keep your money. Because in their world, emergencies are not allowed.They are only nice to you when you need to pay otherwise they will quote their “policy”.I paid for 2 persons, I have not even stepped into their studio or used their services but have lost 100% of the amount.It’s appalling.Will never book through them again.
Naiyarah HussainNaiyarah Hussain
13:23 03 Feb 23
Six year old professional ceramic studio with lots of equipment, space & options to kick off your pottery journey.
sandrin diabsandrin diab
07:18 10 Dec 22
This experience was really nice I would definitely visit again. We were beginners yet managed to make good pieces, guided by Becca who was a gem and was very patient with us as we were a big group and spent the night having a laugh at each other. We learned the basics then had fun with it by making different types of pieces!
Veronika NeumannVeronika Neumann
10:11 15 Oct 22
The manager is not skilled, neither in managing stuff in response to request and finding solutions for special situations, (rather blocking with a NO)… and reacted only when I have asked for my money back, or in teaching glazing ( at-least), very superficial, attitude driven behavior. Prefers to do chats with people she preferred/ liked. Because of lack of her attention and interest my son’s piece turned out to be a totally different color he asked her for..Very disappointing.
Liliia RetsLiliia Rets
09:44 23 Aug 22
Previously I had the worst experience ever in Al Kass ceramics and now i am so happy with Yadawei Studio.Welcomed, helpful staff, passionate instructor, creative atmosphere. Will recommend this studio to everyone. Thank you for lovely experience.
Sara AljanahiSara Aljanahi
17:04 19 Aug 22
One of my absolute favorite places in Dubai. You will only regret not knowing the place earlier. Amazing instructors, new workshops every now and then, different products (glaze/ clay) to pick from ..if you are a member you can even show your products in the studio for sale !
22:55 30 Jul 22
Awesome place to visit enjoyable for kids as will they can create any ideas from soft clay.
09:39 11 Jul 22
My partner and I enjoyed a beginner class here last month and were really pleased with the results! Our teacher was so helpful and clear in her instructions, going round the class to help individuals too.
Grant YoungGrant Young
15:46 08 May 22
Absolutely great fun for family. Skilled staff who help you find that "snowflake" in you. Looking forward to going back.
Cristiana MariaCristiana Maria
11:22 08 May 22
This place is awesome! We had a mother/daughter class with my 7 year old. We were both very happy and had the chance to unleash our creativity while connecting with each other. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to do pottery or just to have fun.
Mimi channelMimi channel
18:26 22 Mar 22
HORRIBLE ! Once we arrived to the entrance , we felt a bad vibe... a toxic environment nothing of what we was expecting... we entered with a camera in our hands , they make us feeling like we had a kalachnicov ... something not welcome at all ... I am blogger and I need absolutely to film my experience since am trying 20 new things/experience/challenge before the end of 2020 ... since the entry we felt that everybody was stressed... the receptionist was extremely rude ans I so that many other comments bellow had the same feeling ... The manager was extremely rude to us since we was taking pictures (TO US AND TO OUR WORK ONLY ) it doesn’t make sense ... I was about to do a very nice advertising for the “atelier” ... she came and attacked my husband and I , even thought I asked previously the teacher who was so nice If it’s ok to take pictures to others finished items (old one , and Soooooooo modeste items ... pasic plates , cups ...) just to talk in my video about the manual atelier ... she approved kindly just not to capture people’s face .. two seconds later (like she was only waiting for me to turn the camera on) the manager came brutally and attacked me and my husband for such weird and not clear raison ... I felt that I wanted to stole a world artwork 🤭 , she talks sooooo bad to the teacher olso in front of everybody as she’s the one who gave me the permission ... I was about to buy a package and try many other times with the teacher but I completely changed my mind and it will of course be the last time I go to this place ... last thing , very messy place and full of plastic bags , the sink was dirty and nobody tell you how things are going , how many clay balls you can take , how long will be the session .... the only think they don't forget to say is that you will pay 80 dhs more to get you little Bowl that YOU made if you like it (you already payed 250dhs ) ! I went to amazing places/ simple places / luxury spots and hotels / MUSEM :D nature ... in several countries and people were so nice and even coming and taking the videos and photos so cool and shillllll ...have a look at the answer of the manager bellow to know how true are my words ... ans of course nothing of what she is saying is true « trying to save her face » 😉
tala suleimantala suleiman
15:25 12 Mar 22
Best experience for learning pottery, and great service! Always a happy and smily face with Mary at the reception!
Yas MohdYas Mohd
09:03 12 Mar 22
Very bad service! I booked a class yesterday for today and they did not even send me the confirmation link to pay for the class only 2 hours before! Didn’t get the chance to answer their one call and they booked the class for someone else! Which is SO RUDE and their fault! I will never book any class with them again.
Muhannad El EdrissiMuhannad El Edrissi
17:00 03 Mar 22
Great first time experience with ceramics. Albert was great and explained everything and made it so enjoyable
shaikha alraeesishaikha alraeesi
21:21 24 Feb 22
very safe space for beginners.. our teacher was lovely, I had a film camera with me and he kept taking spontaneous pictures willingly, it was adorable. I liked their procedure its organized.. The painting part of the experience felt a bit underwhelming as the room was not well-ordered and brushes are kinda very rusty. An improvement to that would certainly be appreciated..Bonus: say hi to the lovely cat outside the shop ❤️
Shero (鹿公子)Shero (鹿公子)
07:07 20 Feb 22
If you are a creative person you have to try make your own ceramic piece here!
Julia WardeJulia Warde
13:27 19 Feb 22
Amazing amazing place! The vibes are great and you get to learn so much. Absolutely recommend this pottery studio.
11:13 25 Nov 21
Nice experience , I had an issue and they contacted me directly which is great
Noor YousefNoor Yousef
11:09 25 Nov 21
I’ve been a member for almost a year now and I love the team they give an excellent service!! Rebecca, Albert, Parisa, and the owner Reem are all super sweet and helpful.
Mona Al MoussliMona Al Moussli
14:52 10 Sep 21
Great experience and this is my hand madeI have done this from zero 😁😁😊
Elizabeth GlanvilleElizabeth Glanville
21:51 29 Aug 21
Unique and interesting concept. A fully kitted out pottery studio run like a gym, with membership options to suit different needs. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere, run by a lovely lady who is clearly passionate about pottery and the studio. Well worth a visit.
M BzmM Bzm
05:18 19 Aug 21
I love Yadawei! It was my first experience in pottery and I absolutely enjoyed it, and booked six more sessions on the wheel with a friend. It’s something that we both look forward to every week. The space is cozy and inspiring and the staff is very helpful. Albert and Parisa are both great and have different ways of teaching. Will definitely be coming back to learn hand-build 😍😍😍

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